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The generative purpose for this site was to house my fanfiction, which materialized from several years of boiling dissatisfaction at how Jack and Jennifer were being written, especially under the auspices of Tom Langan and James E. Reilly. I think many Days fans have resorted to writing fanfics as a way to deal with how grossly disfigured their favorite characters have become over the past, oh, ten to fifteen years, and I thought to myself, Self, you've got decent typing skills, you've got some time on your hands, and you're sure full of enough hot air to get you through some thousand pages, why don't you go for it?

So I am. I've decided to write my fanfics in script form, in installments of daily episodes. I am still deciding on how much it will correspond to the "actual" events that occured on the show. Basically a lot will change in the J/J story itself, but I think I'm going to try to match it up to what was happening to the other characters on the show at the same time. Unless what was happening was just stupid, which it often enough was. I'd like to bring in other characters on a regular basis, I hate it when storylines get isolated to just concerning the same three people all the time. And I'd like to bring in what fans have been missing for a while from Days: character-driven plots, non-redundant dialogue, presence of family and community, realism, fresh adventure and mystery, drama (as vs. melodrama), and good old-fashioned romance. So I suspect sooner or later I'll be veering very far from the "actual" events of the show. I keep putting "actual" in quotes because part of me denies that the last five years ever happened. Heck, indulging that delusion is the whole point of writing this fanfic, really.

Second Time Around (working title) - started: August 2006; unfinished Episode 1 - Air date: 2001 February 05

I appreciate any comments be they criticisms or praise, or both. Or neither! Feel free to leave thoughts about invidiual episodes on their individual pages' comments sections, or leave thoughts about the story overall right below.


Blogger L said...

Hi BillyJill!

I love your site. (I'm oldtimejackjenfan from devoted to deveraux)

Right now my youngest daughter is clamouring for my attention and I want to go play with her, but later, I will check this out in more detail.

Interestingly enough I started a blog a while back while i was writing up my own thoughts and analysis of the J&J eps starting with 'Jennifer's Beauty'.

Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:39:00 PM  

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